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The app forecasts your daily weight loss based on calorie deficit, including food, exercise and steps. I love this app.

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I have tried many and love this for the looks, the user friendliness of it and has everything Mynetdiary fogyás need. It connects to my fitbit as well. Great app, I am done looking for a new one.

This is the only app that has ever kept me on track! I love it.

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The daily Weight Forecast tells whether you are on target and suggests mynetdiary fogyás corrections. Autopilot keeps you out of a weight plateau and helps you maintain your ideal weight.

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Verified and updated daily: if a food is not in the catalog, snap it with the PhotoFood tool, we will enter food labels for you. Choose how much energy comes from fat, carbs and protein.

Learn more about saturated fat, sodium, fiber, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Choose a target for every nutrient, the app will provide daily and weekly feedback on your nutrition.

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Food Score xiumin fogyni you see and compare foods at a glance. Our users love it!

The app supports food labels in traditional and new USDA formats.

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