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Guess what am starting my blog with We are looking for tons of rain again this week.

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Happy day. A macaron közepe egy főzött fahéjas szilvakrém, melybe aszalt szilva is került.


A szilvás gombóc egyik legjobb része a morzsa, melyet nem hagyhattunk ki mi sem a macaronba csempészett verzióból, így készítettünk egy klasszikus, ropogós prézlit és jól meghintettük vele a ganache-t. Így került a klasszikus gombóc íze két falatnyi mandulakalap közé.

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The middle of the macaron is pura veda fogyás stewed plum cream flavoured with cinnamon and some tasty prunes. This is how the taste of the classic szilvás gombóc finally fit between two small almond hats.

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So I'm dropping some knowledge I've picked up along the way; Always follow your heart - if you want to go travelling or start a new career or try something different - do it! Life is far too short to keep it safe and do what you think you should do instead of what pura veda fogyás truly want to do. Follow your pura veda fogyás and likes to be the best, most fulfilled version of you.

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Invest in yourself! There's no better investment than that! Buy that book, go to that workshop, purchase the things for your hobby and treat yourself!

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Don't let other people dictate your life or tell you how to live it. It's not them who will look back in 40 years and wish they had done something, it'll be you!

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Keep those who support and believe in you close and don't forget to thank them! I have come up with venture after venture in my time and those closest to me have always encouraged me.

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Be happy in your own skin! No matter what size or shape you are make the most of it and fall in love with yourself because there's only ever been and there'll only ever be one you!

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Eat what makes you feel good and have the lifestyle that suits you. Try new pura veda fogyás I can't even begin to list the amount of things I've learnt and experienced through travelling. I have eaten some interesting things, met people with mind blowing stories and learnt more about history than I did studying it for years at school!

You can put a price on a plane ticket but you can't put a price on memories. Above all be kind and spread positivity because you'll never know when someone may need it the most. Last but most definitely not least a big shout out to my family, friends and my handsome man for making this birthday ever so special! Nálunk a szilvas gombóc és a máglyarakás a kedvenc!